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Industrial Filters

Dust and fumes can be a major threat to quality in industrial production. ZOOZ LIMITED manufactures industrial filters that help to combat these pollutants, keeping your production environment cleaner. By reducing the amount of contamination, you can reduce product defects and increase process efficiency, which in turn increases confidence and reduces the number of defective products. When fine dry dust, solid particles, or vapors are formed during industrial production, ZOOZ LIMITED's filters can be an excellent choice for improving air quality. This is because they provide high filtration efficiency, while requiring minimal investment. The modular design of these filters allows you to tailor them to suit your specific needs, whether you need a small or large installation depending on the technological process in place.Here are a few industries and processes that we assist with dust and smoke filtration: 

  • Battery manufacturing, Food production, Shot blasting in foundry, Grain / agriculture, Metal grinding,

  • Plastics / fiber / paper production,

  • Plasma and laser cutting gases,

  • Powders, Fine chemicals, Graphite, Painting, Pharmaceuticals, Pigments,

  • Sandblasting and shot blasting,

  • Thermal spraying,

  • Welding smoke / fumes, Dust collection in woodworking shops,

  • Manufacture of cabinets, Floor coverings, Furniture production,

  • Lumber and sawmills, Industrial dust control,

  • Chipboard production,

  • Window production, 

  • Wooden pallets and much more... 


Now, if you need to install a dust collector in a small space, ZOOZ LIMITED's filters are compact and designed to be placed even in the tightest conditions. For years, our company has been developing the most advanced and reliable filters available on the market for industrial manufacturers.Discover the difference between ZOOZ LTD – a cleaner and more profitable future for your business.

The ZOOZ LTD industrial filter system is fully modular and can be easily customized to fit your specific needs and facility requirements. Our product line has been engineered to handle a wide variety of air processing applications and safely removes toxic and combustible dust from your factory or workshop, even in the presence of fine, fibrous, or abrasive dust loads as well as heavy dust loads.

With our extensive range of filter configurations, we can tailor a solution that meets your exact needs. Our engineers are here to help you design the ideal dust and fume collection system for your application.

The ZOOZ LTD dust collectors effectively handle dust while maintaining low pressure drops. They also exceed OSHA requirements for factory air quality, which is essential for ensuring the health and safety of workers.

Within our duct design, we incorporate safety protocols to help mitigate the risk of explosions and combustions by working with leading industry technology.Our engineering team works closely with leading fire suppression systems to help building and facility teams install the best extraction system, while keeping the highest level of safety in mind. Even small sparks and embers, from grinding, welding and cutting, can make their way through the ductwork and cause flame and explosion risks. As you can imagine, flames, explosions and fires are all dangerous to everyone. By installing a fully configured air filtration system, you can protect your workers from occupational exposure to harmful dusts and reduce the risk of explosions.

In battery manufacturing, the manufacturing process can release particles into the air that can harm workers and machines, as well as affect the sustainability of the product. By implementing an air filtration system, we can help you solve these issues and avoid potential problems down the line.From the initial stage of mixing to the final stage of packing, ZOOZ LTD offers a complete turnkey solution for dust removal that is proven safe and effective in lithium-ion manufacturing processes. These standalone units are equipped with hoppers and various discharge devices designed to aid in maintenance and automation.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the best dust collector and associated ductwork based on your specific process and facility requirements. Our team has extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing dust collection systems, allowing you to obtain all components from a single source, saving you valuable time, resources, and headaches in the long term.

100% customizable to meet almost any air filtration need

Optimized housing design with multiple media options and application-specific filter media built in our facility

Available stand-alone control options and customized leak-proof ductwork

Quick and easy access to filter compartments for easy filter changes and cleaner work environment available with recommended HEPA filter options

An optional variable frequency drive (VFD) for blower motor control can help lower energy costs and maximize filter effectiveness

NFPA-compliant options include explosion isolation flap valves, indoor/outdoor venting, and rotary valve discharges for safety.

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